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Sea Sponges


Who lives in Port Philip Bay?

The bay is a hotspot for marine organisms with over 300 species of fish and around 200 species of seaweed, let alone more than 85 types of protected species. 

Find more at the Marine Mammal Foundation 

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Discover more about the Great Southern Reef

Take a deep dive and learn about the Great Southern reef,  'an interconnected system of temperate reefs spanning over 8,000 km around Australia's southern coastline.' (Great Southern Reef Foundation)

Underwater Photographer in School of Fish

More resources about Port Philip Bay

With an area of just under 2,000 km squared, Port Philip bay is home to rocky reefs, dolphins, seals and many other undiscovered treasures. 

Beach Cabins

Organisations around the Bay

Get involved in groups around the bay doing amazing work, such as the Port Philip Ecocentre.


Ocean Innovation 

Want to know more about what cutting edge technology and research is being created to keep our ocean alive. 

You can find more about Australia's importance and research at CSIRO.

Science Lab

What dangers are our Oceans facing

Our amazing oceans are facing enormous challenges in the face of climate change, pollution, ocean acidification, overfishing and more. 

Find out about how humans are impacting our oceans below. 

Polluted Water
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