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Why should Oceans be a vital part of young people's response to Climate Change?

Welcome to the Young Ocean Innovators Blog; all things oceans, climate action & innovation

Hello, and welcome to THE Ocean Blog!

This blog is for us students, and it's a place where you can find the latest news and interesting facts about our oceans.

And discover why students should start paying attention to how improving the ocean will be essential when tackling climate change.

After all, if our ocean covers over 70% of Earth, and absorbs 30% of all carbon, then keeping it healthy is essential to keeping the planet healthy. However, the ocean is fighting a losing battle to keep doing its amazing work; it must fight against chemicals leaching into its water, it must deal with rising ocean temperatures and larger ice melts. And then, on top of that all, we've been using the ocean as our private dumping ground, with large plastic rubbish patches floating around in the ocean, becoming dangerous for sealife.

But where does Ocean Innovation come in, and why should we young people get involved?

Only around 3% of the worlds ocean is fully protected, and the ocean is strugging. Yet luckily, there are more and more innovative solutions that can reduce humans negative impact on the ocean. These range from filters in washing machines to prevent microfibres from entering our waterways, to industrial-scale plastic catchment regimes, or engineered corals that help strengthen damaged reefs. Through creating new solutions, as well as taking part in ocean climate activism to push for better laws protecting our oceans, we can make a big impact in reducing climate change.

To protect the ocean, let's start local, in Port Pbilip Bay

Taking action by yourself can be daughting, after all, where do you start? That's why the free, fun Young Ocean Innovators Program might be just for you. You'll meet other students around the Bay and together learn the skill to make a difference to our oceans!

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